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Earnings Report July 2019

Porn Site:

  • Has 3 ad networks on main page: Exoclick (CPM, and CPC), Plugrush (CPC), Traffic Stars (CPC)
  • Juicy Ads was not performing so removed. Replaced with Traffic Stars.




ExoClick Earned: $0.09



PlugRush Earned: $0


Traffic Stars

Traffic Stars Earned: $0.096

  • Total earned this month: $0.186

Game Hacks Site:

  • Using ogads ($0.09), and cpagrip ($0.50).
  • Total earned this month: $0.59

Physical Product Website:

  • I have been listing products on TradeMe with label directing to website. Made my first sale.
  • Total earned this month: $0

Alien Website:

  • Changed links on my existing youtube channel to point to website:
  • Total earned this month: $0

Extra Income To Freedom:

  • Updated blog with content.
  • Total earned this month: $0



I have been focusing purely on the Porn Site to generate $1 /day. My goal is to have 100 websites (not necessarily porn sites) generating me each $1 /day. This would be more achievable for me. I have worked on my porn domain in the past so site already has some backlinks, and DA/PA.

So far with website I have:

  • Uploaded videos – Have uploaded porn videos to multiple tube sites. Goal here is to have 1,000 videos uploaded with watermark back to porn site.
  • Reddit – Posted to relevant subreddits, and created my own.
  • Youtube channel with sexy girls. So far I have received 2 warnings so need to wait 90 days for it to cool down. Youtube has been deleting videos.
  • Created Instagram but after 96 followers account was deleted.
  • Created a new board on my existing Pinterest account.
  • Have been creating gifs, and uploading to
  • Created landing page for youtube traffic, which leads to porn site.


Plans for next month

  • Tumblr – Don’t allow porn anymore. So need to upload sexy girls with link to porn lander.
  • Pinterest – Create sexy girl pins linking to porn lander.
  • Forums – Start posting in forums with signature to porn site.
  • Find amateur unwatermarked porn photos. Create gallery on porn website. Share gallery with porn gallery dumps e.g. thehun etc.
  • Create porn gifs from long videos. Watermark video first, then create gif. Share with reddit, and gift dumps. Use gfycat to convert gifs.
  • Create twitter account.
  • Use IFTT to link posting to auto post. Post on tumblr needs to post out to pinterest, twitter. Post on my subreddit needs to post to twitter.